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Ultimate Training Plan


  • Daily technique evaluations
  • Unlimited Q&As
  • Program adjustment monthly
  • Personal exercise demonstrations
  • Included Exercise Library

Workouts based on your needs regardless of your goal, whether it is to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Strength training will always be a core component of any program with cardio following after, having the balance between them manipulated based on the individual using a variety of strategies. Each plan will be personalized and tailored to your needs.

Customized Workout Program


  • Customized program
  • Product given within 72 hours of purchase

A workout program designed to help you reach your goals on your own. This plan will be specialized to your needs, preferred schedule, and current accessibility to equipment.

Workout Evaluation

$15/5 minutes of video

  • Technique evaluation
  • Personal Exercise Demonstrations

A comprehensive review of all exercises included in your video. Adjustments to your current program will be done through this evaluation.

Next Steps

Once you have submitted your application, I will personally review it and make sure that we are a good fit. After this, I will send you an email with more information and set up an online appointment so that we can go over further details. I am looking forward to helping you get started on your fitness journey!

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Sophia before and after personal training

Sophia's Testimonial

Here is Sophia, on the left she is shown after about 3 months of training, squatting 125lbs and benching 70lbs. On the right, about 1 and a half years later, she is shown squatting 200lbs and benching 90lbs! She has since competed in a full powerlifting meet, placing first in her division, and has even gone on to deadlift 255lbs weighing only 114lbs!

“Stephen inspires me to always give my best which has helped me to be the strongest and healthiest version of myself. He coached me through my first powerlifting meet and it was super successful!” - Sophia

John's testimonial
John before and after personal training

John's Testimonial

Here is my dad, after being in the marine corps for 29 years and retiring with disability, he was forced to have surgery on both wrists, one elbow, his shoulder, and his feet, also being told he would never be able to squat again. On the left he is shown in one of his surgeries.

We were able to take him from the debilitating state all the way to competing in a full powerlifting meet, Squatting 314lbs, Benching 231lbs, and Deadlifting 374lbs. He was able to do all of this with no pain at all and was even able to set the Florida Bench Press state record in his age and weight division as shown on the right!

Osa's testimonial
Osa before and after personal training

Osa's Testimonial

Here is Osa, shown on the right deadlifting 370lbs after about 6 months of training. With another year and a half of training, shown on the left, has gone on to deadlift 480lbs! He has also lost a total of 25lbs in bodyweight since he started training, losing a lot of fat and building a lot of muscle.

“It is because of Stephen's efforts as a personal trainer, and his ability to apply the information he knows about the body to training, that I have been able to reach goals in my strength and physique that I did not think were possible.” - Osa

Destin's testimonial
Destin before and after personal training

Destin's Testimonial

Here is Destin, who is shown on the left starting out deadlifting only 135lbs and then 2 years later was able to increase to 405lbs, all while weighing only 160lbs!

Gavin's testimonial
Gavin before and after personal training

Gavin's Testimonial

Here is Gavin, my longest friend and client who has made the most progress has had quite the journey regarding fitness. He initially cut down from 250lbs to 185lbs, then bulked back up to 225lbs slowly and built an absurd amount of strength and muscle.

Since then, he has maintained that weight and has been losing fat and building muscle, he started out benching 155lbs and Deadlifting 245lbs as shown on the left, and has managed to increase these to 260lbs on the bench and 515lbs on the Deadlift, also squatting 405lbs!

Ian's testimonial
Ian before and after personal training

Ian's Testimonial

Here is Ian. He started out squatting 135lbs, benching 115lbs, and Deadlifting 225lbs, and in 2 years has gone on to squat 335lbs, bench 215lbs, and Deadlift 475lbs!

My certifications

Stephen's Certifications

National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Group at lifting competition

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