Vocal Coaching

Check out Stephen's vocal coaching offers and learn how you can reach your goals.

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Vocal Coaching Offers

Private Lessons

$25/0.5 hours

If there is something specific that you need to work on, or if you are having trouble with a particular style of vocal, we can work through them together with private lessons.

Vocal Coaching Plan


  • Unlimited Q&As
  • Daily technique evaluations
  • Daily feedback on vocal takes
  • Vocal Exercise Library
  • Vocal Warmups

With this plan you will receive an initial interview, assessing your current level of capabilities, and what your goals are, then providing you with exercises and feedback to help you reach the goal you are working towards.

Guitar Lessons

$25/0.5 hours

Similar to vocal coaching, we will assess the current level you are at and create a systematic approach that most efficiently helps you reach your goals!

Next Steps

Once you have submitted your application, I will personally review it and make sure that we are a good fit. After this, I will send you an email with more information and set up an online appointment so that we can go over further details. I am looking forward to helping you get started on your vocal journey!

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